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  • Great quick delivery as usual and will order again. They have never let us down every time we use them

    Melvin F
  • Support team second to none within the hour! Unbelievable really how much they look after their customers. Wish all companies were like this

    Peter B
  • Outstanding support and speed of dispatch of the r4 card I ordered. A massive 5 stars for the prompt delivery and support as they get back to you so quick.

    Brendan J
  • Exactly as described and very cheap indeed. What can be said other than awesome service all round

    Melissa J
  • Bit worried about ordering online initially but was reassured that this company was safe and credible. They helped me choose the correct r4 card and the r4 card worked perfect straight out of the packet. Excellent service, will recommend> Lucy A

  • Purchased a R4i card for my granddaughter; it arrived super quick and works without any issues. I 100% recommend r4dsicards.com to anyone as prices are keen and service is good.

    Cherelle H
  • Great retailer that provides great technical support. Support was amazing when we encountered a issue with the setup after our daughter deleted files without our knowledge. Their simple advice meant the issue was identified and resolved in no time. Their guidance was straight forward for even a novice like me so thumbs up to these guys. Would not hesitate to recommend their products and services

    Abbey K
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R4 Card

Since the inception of the early DS console, the R4 card has played a major role in developing the popularity of the DS console among children and adults alike. Initially there was the release of the R4 DS card due to the fact that the early ds console didn’t have a rewritable storage medium. These devices are known as slot 2 devices and in some literature know and flashcards or flashcarts. Devices such as the R4 card use external micro SD memory cards that allow for storage of media on them based on the r4 cards capacity. R4 cards allowed for DS consoles capacities to be maximised by allowing users to utilise the console as a multimedia device. The drag and drop facility operated by the R4 cards meant music, videos, ebooks an homebrew could be accessed and used by children with relevant ease. The memory card holds all the media for the R4 card itself to access as the R4 card does not have its own storage capacity hence it being a slot 1 device. Early generations of the R4 card (known as R4DS meaning Revolution for DS) were only able to accommodate 2GB memory cards as they were not HC capacity enabled. The R4 DS v2 remained non SDHC compatible on its release in 2007 regardless of many other imitation and clones that flooded the market. The product ion of the original R4 card was discontinued back in 2008 but its existence remained in the R4 card market place due to clones of the device from manufacturers such as R4Li. With the need to store more media due to games needing more storage, 2GB capacity for R4 cards became unsuitable and this spawned the development and release of a range of r4 cards that could cater this void in the market. The most successful r4 card manufacturer that evolved at this time of development was R4i SDHC. R4i SDHC a Chinese r4 card manufacturer released their first R4 card known as the R4 SDHC card which was capable of using up to a massive 32GB memory card with it. The card was very reliable and stable meaning that it was a instant worldwide success among users of the DS and DS lite consoles. The price of the R4 DS dropped following the release by R4i SDHC as demand for their R4 cards became minimal due to the new cards capabilities.

R4i Card

As Nintendo released their new flagship DSi console in November 2008, R4 card manufacturers had to quickly evolve as their current cards would not work with the new more secured console. Within days of the Nintendo DSi release, the R4i card was released purposely built for use with the new DSi console. The manufacturer R4i SDHC was at the forefront of releasing their card first for the DSi. Exactly like the DSi console, the R4i card was also backward compatible for use with previous older consoles. This process of new console development and new R4 card releases continues today with new r4 card types being released as new console are being distributed. For the DSi XL console, the R4i card for DSi XL was released and for the Nintendo 3DS console the R4 3DS card (known as R4i 3DS by the manufacturers). The R4i SDHC 3DS card still remains the most prominent selling R4 card due to it working on any previous DS console. It has been redeveloped internally many times to keep up to date with anti-piracy hardware/software which would not let it function in any way. Generally software releases (known as kernels) for the R4i SDHC 3DS are adequate to bypass console updates but on occasions(usually twice a year), new Nintendo updates mean that new hardware is usually required for future computability with new console versions. This sometimes means that older R4 cards that have been disabled sometimes are no longer of any use as there is no process to undisable them for use with latest console versions. These R4 cards can still be used with consoles with older console versions and also all older consoles. Under these circumstances, new hardware needs to be purchased that will be able to cope with such disabling technology.

R4 3DS

The R4 3DS card is the market leading R4 card available to buy in today’s marketplace. It’s easy to use interface allows users to achieve what they desire without technical knowledge. Setup of the R4 3ds can be easily done by downloading from R4i-sdhc.com the R4 card manufacturers. Refer to the R4i SDHC 3DS download on their downloads page for the correct kernel for this card type. The kernel for R4 3ds cards changes every month to allow users keep a breadth of current console changes therefore prolonging the R4 cards life. The updates allow the latest releases to be used with your R4 3DS card. Kernel needs to be downloaded to the computer and then copied to the memory card. Please refrain from updating your 3DS console as this will in turn disable you R4 3DS card and it may not be possible to rectify (reversing) the disabling in some instances.

Please note that 3DS R4 Card is best available as its backward compatible with all previous console types. This therefore means it can be swapped around with different console types without an issue. Please note that using an R4 card in ANY console can never ever damage your console. This fictitious myth was established by the console manufacturers to deter gamers from using R4 cards. It’s also worth noting that the R4 3ds card writes its data and files to its own storage, the memory card, therefore no operational files of the console are ever changed or touched. This therefore confirms that an R4 card cannot damage your console in any shape way or form.

  • Received the R4 3DS card I ordered but it was faulty after testing it. We contacted customer support, and they were great and very apologetic. They shipped out a replacement immediately and with a couple of days I had the new r4 card. Flawless service if you ask me

    Michelle W
  • Ordered from this site several times with out any issues at all. All cards work as described and they all seem genuine. Delivery is exceptionally quick so they exactly as they promise.

  • Everything about this company is outstanding from the customer support, product’s price and quality of goods. Ordered for a few family members and all products work fine without issues. Overall great service by this company!

    Heidi C
  • The R4 3DS card works seamlessly! Drag and dropped the files as instructed and we were away. A great big thank you for your quick delivery and simple setup instructions. No hesitation giving these a five star rating.

    Abdul H
  • Thought about buying a card for some time but wasn't sure who to buy from but after reading reviews picked r4dsicards.com What a great decision as everything was as expected and no fuss. I got what I paid for and my son is over the moon. I would recommend you guys to anyone.

    Alex P
  • Thoroughly recommended! Fast delivery and easy to find what I was looking for on the website. I simply downloaded the kernel and was able to get started within minutes of trying. Added homebrew games, movies, ebooks and songs with ease. R4 cards rock!